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Spring returns with its fragrance

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Published on : 13 February 2018, 09:29 AM
Spring returns with its fragrance


Spring (Basanta), the season of romance and festival, returns today with its charming fragrance and natural beauty. On this occasion, the nature is taking a new look filled with love and joy all around. Falgun (11th month of the Bengali calendar) is the first month of the spring. Today is the 1st Falgun as well. With the welcoming of Falgun, Bengalees complete the winter season of the running year.

Along with nature, Falgun is closely associated with the lifestyle of the Bengalees as well. As nature adopts its new look, Bengalees also beauty themselves with their new outlook. When we are tired of our everyday life, it is the Falgun that refreshes our minds. Basanta refreshes us and nature both. And Basanta comes up with love and affection. Bengali women wear sarees and Bengali men wear panjabi outfits celebrating this day. Many Bengali poets and writers including Rabindranath Tagore have written many poets and novels marking Basanta.

In the Bengali culture, Basanta means good time. Therefore, there is a proverb that goes “Let Bastanta come in our minds”.

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