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BNP in awe of Sheikh Hasina

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Published on : 12 February 2018, 08:01 PM
BNP in awe of Sheikh Hasina

Five days have already passed since Khaleda Zia`s imprisonment. But so far there has not been any progress of her release. rather she has been ‘shown arrest’ in a number of other cases. BNP leaders are at a labyrinth as to when there leader will be released. The activists and leaders are astray and aimless. In personal conversations, some BNP leaders agreed to the fact that the present condition has gone beyond their imagination. They agree that they were not at all ready for this situation.

A senior leader said, "I thought the government was posing threat to Begum Zia. But rather they are not even acknowledging BNP as the biggest opposition country." "The life of the BNP activists is now limited to some activity in the roads and running as fugitives to avoid arrests. But among all the chaos, the BNP activists are praising the courage and political wisdom of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Standing in shambles, the BNP activists are bowing their head to Sheikh Hasina`s firmness.

A member of BNP`s Standing Committee commented that, "We knew Sheikh Hasina was brave, but didn`t have any idea that she possesses so much courage." He added, "How many of us can think of imprisoning our strongest opponent."

Another leader commented, "We are actually living in a fool`s paradise. We thought Bangladesh would become immobilized if Khaleda Zia gets arrested. Thousands of people will occupy the streets. But nothing like that actually happened." That means, the leader said, "Sheikh Hasina is a forward thinker unlike us. She knew nothing would happen. We would say a few words, and that`s it."

A leader of an associated party of BNP said, "Sheikh Hasina evicted Begum Zia from her home, now she has put her behind the bars. What were we able to do? We are mere sheep in political knowledge." In a conversation with an executive member of BNP commented, "The Prime Minister starts her day at 6 am in the morning while our Madam starts her day at 10 am. We are constantly lagging behind in terms of prudence and labor. Sheikh Hasina has made BNP lesser important than Jamaat. And we all have become sheep."

BNP`s field level workers are also impressed at the courage, and determination of Sheikh Hasina. One of the activists said, "Sheikh Hasina does what she says. Our Madam might not have understood that." An influential leader of the BNP thinks, "Through this event, Sheikh Hasina removed Khaleda Zia from the position of her equivalent. Now BNP will have to survive on the mercy of Sheikh Hasina." "Constructing Padma Bridge with our own money, sheltering Rohingyas, arresting Begum Zia-who dare stop the persons (Sheikh Hasina) who possesses the ability to accomplish such deeds? Who knows what surprise she will give us in the coming days," said the leader. According to the leader, "Sheikh Hasina is now in the driving seat. And we are only audience now. "

Even though many criticize her publicly, behind the closed doors they praise Sheikh Hasina saying, "Like father, like daughter. She made us fool all on her own."

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