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Jamaat disagrees with BNP over movement issue

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Published on : 05 February 2018, 01:53 PM
Jamaat disagrees with BNP over movement issue


One of the key partners of the 20-party alliance Jamaat has adopted a policy of walking alone on the movement issue of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). The policy makers of Jamaat have clearly stated that they intend to remain in electoral alliance only with the 20-party alliance. 

On February 8, BNP called on Jamaat to join their movement to protest against the verdict on Zia Orphanage graft case of BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia. BNP leaders hoped if Jamaat stands beside them, the movement would see a thrust.

However, a member of Jamaat’s executive council said that the BNP did not support its movement when top leaders of Jamaat were executed for war crimes. BNP was a silent spectator. Still, Jamaat hoped BNP would give at least a statement. But BNP disappointed them again and did not give any official statement.

Therefore, Jamaat plans to regulate its future plans keeping a distance from BNP.

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