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6.5 lakh Rohingyas to receive cholera vaccine: Nasim

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Published on : 09 October 2017, 03:57 PM
6.5 lakh Rohingyas to receive cholera vaccine: Nasim Health Minister Mohammed Nasim on Monday said all the forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals who have taken shelter in Bangladesh will receive cholera vaccine


Health Minister Mohammed Nasim has confirmed that the 6.5 lakh displaced Myanmar nationals who have taken refuge in Bangladesh will receive cholera vaccine.

“Everyone aged one year and above will receive a dose of oral cholera vaccine. 6.5 lakh refugees will be eligible to get it under the vaccination programme the first round of which will start from October 10-16, ” said Nasim at a press briefing at the secretariat.

The second round will begin from October 31-November 5. In this shot, children aged between 1-5 years, will receive the vaccine, he said. It is expected that there are nearly 2.5 lakh children, aged between 1-5 years.

He continued, the outbreak of diarrhea has raised the possibility of facing cholera. Hence the vaccination programme will be available at free of cost.

UNICEF is sponsoring the campaign along with World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Coordinating Group (ICG) on Vaccine Provision, who have already contributed by providing over 1 lakh doses free of cost.

The Health Minister added that the supply from foreign organizations has already shipped into Bangladesh. Therefore, they are ready for distribution.

The State Minister for Health Zahid Malek was also present in that press briefing and informed the reporters that around 5.5 displaced Myanmar nationals would be under the healthcare umbrella.

He said the two vaccination rounds would begin at 8 am and will run till 4:30 pm every day, with every vaccine center to consist of 5 core members – 2 vaccinators and three volunteers, and two more Myanmar nationals for assistance.

A total of 150 teams will be dispatched in Ukhia who will provide 75,000 vaccines, while 60 teams will be present in Teknaf where they will provide 30,000 vaccines.

Till now, 1,24,818 Myanmar nationals have received healthcare advice, he said.


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