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2018 for Awami League or for BNP?

Syed Borhan Kabir
Published on : 31 December 2017, 10:01 PM
2018 for Awami League or for BNP?

Another year has come to an end. 2017 is gone. In the last two years-after the petrol-bombing incidents of 2015- the country has gone through without any major events of political violence. The election year 2018 is beginning with the fear and anxiety over the possibility of maintaining relative calmness in the political arena of the country like the past two years. According to the constitution, the parliamentary elections will be held sometime this year (2018). Every election year in Bangladesh has seen many events of political violence. Likewise, 2018 is beginning with the fear of the outbreak of political violence. The verdict of Begum Zia`s corruption cases is likely to produce heat in the political atmosphere of the country at the beginning of the year. Election-centric heat will keep Bangladesh in a fireplace throughout the year, think many political analysts.

The distance between the two major political parties over the election issues has not lessened. Rather, the two major political parties have declared their status to remain firm. In this context, the biggest question of 2018-how is a participatory free and fair election possible?

However, right before entering to the New Year 2018 one thing can be said undoubtedly that the election of 2018 will be more contested than 2014. And if this election does not end with the participation of all political parties, then the democracy can fall in the face. What will 2018 mark-democratic progression or reemergence of a non-elected regime?

It is also a matter of consideration which way the election takes the country, if participatory elections are held. This year we have to decide which nation we will choose? Will Bangladesh choose the path of development, progress and spirit of liberation war and embrace militancy, terrorism and corruption in the name of democracy?

Awami League has been in power for nine years. Will the impatient and emotional Bangladeshis choose the path of irrational change or walk on the path of a healthy and progressive democracy? Bangladesh is a country of many unfortunate misfortunes. Every time the country starts to laugh, the killer breaks the neck. Since 1975 the country has seen bloodshed many times and the people have suffered. There is no history of lasting happiness in the lives of Bengalees. Therefore, we are embracing the New Year with a fear of unknown. The ruling Awami League will also have to look back in the New Year. Awami League needs to find the answer why the general public opinion about Awami League is negative- even after so much development and success. Why should the Awami League take the responsibility for some stubborn corrupt, bank looters and opportunist groups? Whenever I searched for the answer to this question, I saw that few have dragged Awami League down to the soil.

If Awami League wants to take the responsibility for governing the country after winning people`s love, the party then must eliminate such problems. If the party (Awami League) cannot save itself from the grip of the opportunists who are enjoying honey of power, the country may face severe calamity.

Will BNP, which is currently living with crisis of existence, fall into deeper crisis in the New Year? Or will the people choose BNP again for the third time based on the dissatisfaction to Awami League? The misfortune of this country is that the people have forgotten the period of BNP`s misrule, corruption and despair till 2001. And a small progressive part of the society remembers the negative concepts about Tarique Rahman. In this situation, what will the party give to the people after coming into power exception self-realization?

Putting the calculation of attainment and non-attainment aside, one thing can be unequivocally said in the last hours of the passing year that the fate of the people of this country will swing in the Pendulum of Awami League and BNP.

Still wish you good luck for everyone.

May it bring good luck or not, Welcome: 2018.

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