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PM, would you stop these flatterers?

Syed Borhan Kabir
Published on : 12 March 2019, 01:25 PM
PM, would you stop these flatterers?

In the politics of Bangladesh, `flattering` is a significant factor. Whenever a party comes to power, a group of people circulates around the ruling party. Like the ants are attracted to the smell of sweets as its scent wafts through the air attracting a colony, these flatterers surround the ruling party and its policymakers in such manner. It becomes quite impossible for the government to overlook them. There are only two tasks of these flatters. First, they use the government to serve their vested interest. They develop their businesses, establish banks and get tenders to fill their pockets. Secondly, they earn a bad reputation for the government destroying its image. They cause the greatest harm to the whole government. For instance, Bangabandhu was surrounded by such people and his murderer Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad was his biggest flatterer. With his flattering charisma, he succeeded to separate Bangabandhu from Tajuddin Ahmad. After killing Bangabandhu, those flatterers formed the government.

Ziaur Rahman also had flatterers around him. If we go through the history, we will see that HM Ershad, who repatriated himself from Pakistan after the Liberation War, became the army chief with his flattering. What he did after that is history.

After coming to power, Ershad took great care of these flatterers. After the departure of HM Ershad’s mother, one of his cabinet members shed tears more than Ershad did. There is a rumor that a former revolutionary leftist leader once polished Ershad’s shoes. However, after the fall of Ershad’s regime, these flatterers changed their position radically leaving him alone.

When BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia came to power in 1991, she was also surrounded by such people. Falling prey to the temptation of these flatterers, she held farcical elections like in Magura and Mirpur. It is the flatterers who advised her to ignore the demand of a caretaker government. Because of them, Khaleda Zia had to hold an election like the election of February 15.

Awami League returned to power in 1996 after 21 long years. Sheikh Hasina became the prime minister. At that time, admirers of Bangabandhu grew like mushrooms. They often crossed the line of etiquette, for which, AL had to pay the price despite doing a number of commendable and revolutionary works. When AL experienced a fiasco in the 2001 election, these flatterers again completely changed their course. They preached chief justice Latifur Rahman as the chief adviser. It was they who misguided the AL president to appoint MA Sayed as the chief election commissioner.

BNP came to power for the second time under Khaleda Zia’s leadership. Although she became the prime minister, it started the era of ‘Bhaiya’. If someone has a friend like Giasuddin Al Mamun, he/she will never need a foe. It gets clear when we see the current state of BNP and Tarique Zia. Between 2001 to 2006, the flatters treated Tarique Zia as a prince. A private TV chancel even announced him as the future prime minister of the country. Today, many of these flatters are AL’s friends. Some of them have also been awarded ‘Swadhinata Padak (Independence Award)’. Under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, AL came to power for the third term. Because of remaining in power for a long period of time, AL has now administrative flatterers more than the political flatterers. They have surrounded the government. In other words, they are now the government. Some say the bureaucrats and law enforcement agencies are very powerful now. At least I myself do not want to believe that. I do believe that our prime minister is very knowledgeable and prudent. Nobody has the aptitude or ability to give her knowledge or advice. However, their overenthusiasm, excessive devotion and absurd arrangements to make the government happy question the huge achievement of the government. The latest example is probably the DUCSU election.

Honorable Prime Minister, you have taken many bold and revolutionary steps in the past ten years. Would you wipe out these flatterers? It will lift your glory and dignity. The country will be free from future fear. Would you stop these flatterers, please? 

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