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AL in driving seat, BNP clueless

Z. R. M. Zakir
Published on : 12 January 2019, 01:03 PM
AL in driving seat, BNP clueless

Politics of Bangladesh has reached a new stage as the national election of the country is over and the new cabinet has been formed. The cabinet members have taken the oath and already begun their regular activities. However, this cabinet gave rise to a number of surprises as the veteran politicians of Awami League and the allied parties have failed to secure a seat in the newly formed cabinet. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took the oath for the fourth term, including the third consecutive one, along with her 46 cabinet members following her party’s massive victory in the 11th parliamentary election.

AL general secretary Obaidul Quader said that they did not form the alliance on the condition of sharing cabinet positions with its allies. Neither do the allies deny this fact. But the political practice of Bangladesh says that the achievement is necessary in politics for an emotional impetus and an urgency to satisfy one’s hunger. Therefore, it is normal to feel depressed and left out when the provision is shrunk and fails to provide food to satisfy one`s hunger. After the surprise in cabinet appointment, we saw surprise in the appointment of personal secretary. Perhaps more surprises are awaiting us in the coming days.

However, we cannot say that none of the 14-party allies will be appointed as cabinet members in the future. Nobody can prophesize this for sure. Also, there is a possibility that the current cabinet will expand. Besides, those who have become ministers, if their performance experiences a downfall, there is a good chance that they will be shown the exit door with due respect. Because the vibe of Sheikh Hasina tells us that she will keep everything under her strict surveillance. As AL came to power with a huge majority, its accountability to people has increased by many times.

On this occasion, the AL government should not face any obstruction to implement the government`s program as the opposition party is virtually ineffective in the politics of the country. BNP has no power to obstruct the government’s plans.

It will not be an exaggeration if one claims that AL is in the driving seat of the country’s politics and there is no suitable opponent. BNP is undoubtedly a popular political party. But, due to its constant wrong decisions and lack of strategy, it is now in a critical condition in the field of politics. People discuss whether the party is going in the direction of the Muslim League. A huge party like BNP, who has been in power in more than once, reached the marginal position in the national election. What will BNP do now? It is less likely for BNP to benefit from a movement. On the other hand, BNP and Jatiya Oikya Front have rejected the election results demanding re-elections. The elected members of BNP and Oikya Front have decided not to take oath as MPs. This decision will surely be suicidal for BNP as it no longer holds the status of creating a stir in politics by boycotting the parliament.

BNP participated in the election as part of its movement. But it did not see it coming that there would be a fiasco in the election results. Now, BNP is clueless, unable to understand what it should do next.

BNP’s politics shifted from the streets to the foreign powers. Whenever there is a crisis, they go to them to complain and then sit back in confidence. BNP is doing this again. However, the people of this country are not taking this matter positively, and BNP should understand that the foreign powers will not act in its favor until they have their own interest involved in it. In the democratic system, people are the main source of power. Therefore, BNP should return to the people and start afresh.

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