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Sheikh Hasina`s gain, Khaleda`s loss

Published on : 07 November 2018, 10:03 PM
Sheikh Hasina`s gain, Khaleda`s loss

The series of dialogues of political parties over national election have ended today. This dialogue started on November 1, has continued till today (Wednesday, 7 November). In these dialogues, BNP-controlled Jatiya Oikya Front sat twice with the ruling Awami League. Besides, Awami League also had meetings with Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh and United Front, Leftist Coalition and Islamic Front. The 14-party alliance also held a meeting with Awami League. Several questions may arise in the political arena such as what is the achievement of the dialogue? What is the achievement of Bangladesh? Who got benefitted from the dilogues?

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has benefited the most from the dialogues. Through holding dialogues she has been able to take herself to a unique height. She has proved that she is the undisputed leader of Bangladesh in case of political wisdom. Through the dialogues, all political parties accepted Sheikh Hasina as the leader of Bangladesh. After the dialogue, leaders of all political parties talked about their satisfaction on Sheikh Hasina`s prudence, patience and wisdom. The dialogues have given Sheikh Hasina the status of the `national guardian`. Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh President Prof Badruddoza Chowdhury said, "I have seen the resemblance of Bangabandhu in Sheikh Hasina." Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury attended the dialogue from Jatiya Oikya Front for the first time. He said, "She (Sheikh Hasina) came in front of us with full preparation. Frankly speaking, we did not have that preparation." Another leader of Oikya Front, ASM Abdur Rab, said, "I am amazed at Sheikh Hasina`s patience. I worked with her in 1996-2001. Now she has become much more mature than that time." Bam Morcha`s leader Mujahidul Islam Selim described his experience of dialogue with Sheikh Hasina saying, "She really spoke as the guardian of the people."

The second beneficiary of this dialogue has been Bangladesh Awami League. Due to being in power for a long time, distance has been created between Awami League and other political parties. The arrogance can be easily marked in the attitude of Awami League leaders. Through these dialogues many Awami League leaders appeared as political leaders instead of being ministers. The biggest thing is that the dialogues somewhat hid the internal conflicts of  Awami League. Jatiya Oikya Front also benefited from the dialogues. Through the dialogues, the newly formed coalition emerged as the main opposition coalition. Earlier the 20-party alliance was considered as the main alliance.

Let`s talk about the loser of the dialogues. The name of the most affected person due to these dialogues is Begum Khaleda Zia. After this dialogue she got established as a `woeful` politician. Participating in dialogue without her, BNP proved that Begum Zia is not inevitable for them. In the dialogue, BNP also suffered as a party. BNP has participated under Dr Kamal Hossain`s leadership. Dialogue by one of the main political parties of the country with a rented leader became the biggest political joke. And the 20-party alliance has also got affected and has been virtually knocked out of the mainstream politics.

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