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What`s latest surprise of Sheikh Hasina!

Saedul Arefin
Published on : 05 November 2018, 10:05 PM
What`s latest surprise of Sheikh Hasina!

Politicians always claim that they do politics to serve the country. That is why they don`t have any weekly leave. They perform their duties depriving their family and the nearest ones. Although they possess a similar goal but have different ideologies and ways. But it will be not wrong to say that sometimes they agree with each other to fulfill the interest of the country and its people.

Dialogue is going on focusing the next parliamentary election. There are many speculations over the issues such as how the election will be, how the election-time and post-election government will look like etc. Some say that the model of Bangladesh Awami League-led 14 party alliance government developed by Sheikh Hasina will get sophisticated in the future, and the new dimension may also come. If the experienced and skilled leaders mark the victory, they would provide a seat in the cabinet even after coming from an opponent party. Sheikh Hasina, who has taken Bangladesh to the unique height of development as a model for the poor, has now emerged to the level of world leader. However, everybody acknowledges the fact that understanding Sheikh Hasina`s plan is very tough. Even her closest friends cannot assume what she is going to do after a while.

Sheikh Hasina is a patriot and wants country`s development with everybody’s assistance. Some evidences that support the above claim are:

  • Sheikh Hasina formed her cabinet with the selected and efficient members of her coalition partners. Although she does not like some of them, yet she did it for the sake of development of the country
  • Respecting the public demand, she withdraws the plan of building an international airport in Munshiganj`s Arial Beel.
  • When everybody showed the reluctance over giving the 20-party alliance the opportunity of holding public gathering due to its involvement with terrorism, the PM instructed the respective authority to allow them to hold the gathering.
  • Despite the delay in the trial of 1971 war criminals, she did not exaggerate it, but waited for the court`s verdict.
  • She managed to control her emotion in the trial of the Dather of the Nation`s assassination.
  • She also showed patience on jail killing verdict.
  • Knowing that the freedom fighters would be dishonored, she reluctantly accepted students’ quota reformation claim. She instructed to release the students who were arrested for doing violent activities during the movement. Because she believes that the students were being used by the opportunist groups.
  • She accepted the students` protest that demanded safe road and changed the laws as much as possible in the current realm of the country. And because of this reason, two sides have been somewhat unhappy. So she seems to have got an acceptable solution.
  • The case that could be ended in 60 working days, she waited for 10 long years for the verdict of Begum Zia`s case for the sake of country.
  • BNP-Jamaat alliance has carried out the brutal attacks like 21st August grenade attack to annihilate Sheikh Hasina and her party many times. But Sheikh Hasina remains generous towards the culprits even after their atrocities got proved.
  • She got insulted after the death of Khaleda Zia`s son Arafat Rahman Coco. Even after being humiliated by the 20-party many times, she started the initiative of dialogue with her single decision while all the members of her alliance were extremely negative about the meeting. The 20-party alliance definitely would not do this if they were in power.
  • During the dialogue, she patiently answered the most unjust demands of the opponents in a very calm and elegant way.
  • She agreed to sit again after knowing the fact that most of the leaders made indecent comments after the first round of dialogue. 

The world media news delivered a hint that almost all the countries including the United States, India, European Union, Germany and Japan are willing to see Bangladesh`s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina again in power because of the diplomatic success of her government.

The political observers believe that if there is no major disaster, the 14-party alliance led by Sheikh Hasina will win in the next election because there is no acceptable person like her in Bangladesh`s politics. Will she form an all-party government after claiming victory in election? After this, what will be the next surprise of Sheikh Hasina? Nobody can predict this, but the political observers almost agree on the fact that there is a surprise awaiting. But no one knows what that surprise is.


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