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What kind of person is Sheikh Hasina?

Syed Borhan Kabir
Published on : 27 September 2018, 10:01 PM
What kind of person is Sheikh Hasina?

The main character in the politics of Bangladesh is Sheikh Hasina. She has been the center of the politics of Bangladesh for more than three decades. In the 47-year old country, she has been the head of the government for fifteen years. She served as the opposition leader for two terms. Leaders who used to argue with her before no longer dare to talk in front of her. Many say that she is the iron lady of Bangladesh. Especially after the trial of the war criminals, she is regarded as a strong and brave person. Many politicians say that justice to the war criminals would be impossible to render had she not possessed a strong mindset. Her stances against militancy, terrorism, and drugs are few more examples of her valor.

On the other hand, her reputation as a rescuer of humanity has also earned recognition worldwide. People’s sorrows worry her. She has sheltered about 11 lac Rohingyas who sought refuge to escape the atrocities of Myanmar. It is the biggest example of her kindness. She stands beside politicians, poets, opposition leaders, and common people. She took responsibility of Bangladesh National Awami Party leader Muzaffar Ahmed for his treatment without giving it a second thought.

So, which one is Sheikh Hasina? The iron lady with a brave heart or the mother of humanity?  

It is often heard nowadays, senior leaders of the party tremble in fear of Sheikh Hasina. They think ten times before opening their mouth in front of her. She does not hesitate to point out the mistakes of the senior leaders. We often hear that she does not listen to the advice of the party leaders.

Again, we hear that she calls to a common worker of the party who lives miles away in a remote village. She listens to whatever he/she has to say and takes notes of his/her advice. Despite having a busy schedule, she listens to the grassroots leaders and shows respect to them.

So, which on is Sheikh Hasina? The one who makes decision alone or the reflection of grassroots people?

As a statesman, Sheikh Hasina does not spare a chance on the question of ideology. She is an open critic to politics which lacks ideology. From the very beginning to this stage, she has been against the anti-democratic system. Again, she held cabinet meeting and talks with those strayed from the politics of Awami League, adopted the minus two formula and wished her death.

So, what kind of person is she? Uncompromising on the question of ideology or a mixture character in the question of compromise?

Sheikh Hasina is like a sword in the politics of Bangladesh. She speaks her mind openly. If she dislikes someone, it gets reflected in her face. Once she was criticized for speaking candidly. Now, her words are of great value to the people. She is a clean politician.

Again, she is introvert about herself. She hides her personal likes and dislikes. She does not shoe her weariness, sadness, and illness. She does not let other people understand her loneliness and troubles.

So, what kind of person is Sheikh Hasina? An open sword, open poem or a complicated-reserved person?

She is a person of multiple characteristics. She is a person who loves to work. Again, she is a person who likes to chat, and a person who is very prudent and then again, a person who is indifferent to her surroundings.

Such diversity has made her unique.

On September 28, it is her birthday.

Happy birthday!


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