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How much grief for Bangabandhu except banners & festoons?

Shakib Rahman
Published on : 15 August 2018, 10:47 PM
How much grief for Bangabandhu except banners & festoons?


Today is August 15. The country observed the death anniversary of the Founding Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Banners, festoons, posters were everywhere. However, these were filled with the smiling faces of leaders which should dishearten any devotee of Bangabandhu. There may be the question regarding the manner of expressing one`s grief rather than promoting oneself. The government has been in power for two terms at a stretch. It is easy to assume that the number of traitors like Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad in Awami League is not less than the time of Bangabandhu.

When I look at the posters and banners, I remember Khondaker Mostaq’s name who was an Awami League leader. It does not stop there, Mostaq expressed his grief in such a manner at the death of Bangabandhu’s father that Bangabandhu himself was surprised. The Pakistanis did not dare to kill Sheikh Mujib despite preparing his grave. But the killers of Bangabandhu shot him 18 times, both on his chest and back. To confirm his death, they cut the veins of his ankles. They did not stop by killing the Father of the Nation, they killed most of the family members that night. After killing young Sheikh Rassel, Major Huda said, ‘All finished!’, that moment all the dreams of Bangladesh were over. It took 21 years for Bangladesh to free itself from the clutches of the vultures who kept the people of Bangladesh as prisoners. 

It was unfortunate that 21 members from the cabinet of Bangabandhu took the oath for the cabinet of Khondaker Mostaq. Manoranjan Dhar, whom Bangabandhu used to call as ‘dada babu’, was the Law Minister in the cabinet of Bangabandhu who requested him to be a part of his cabinet by saying, ‘Dada I’ve never protested against any of your arguments. I’ll comply with whatever you say.’ That person joined the cabinet of Khondaker Mostaq after the August 15 as the Law Minister. It was he who introduced the infamous indemnity ordinance. Not just  Manoranjan but also there were others who betrayed Bangabandhu and Bangladesh. 

Bangabandhu’s two daughters Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehna, who lived abroad that time could escape the brutal killings. But they could not elapse their mental demise when they came to know that all of their family members had been killed and with the change in power, the closest people started to change their color, and there was no chance of demanding justice to the killing of their family that time. The killers, on several occasions, tried to kill these two daughters of Bangabandhu. The killers tried to kill Sheikh Hasina too when she used to live abroad. She could not come to the country to her family for the last time. There were lots of restrictions against her to return to the country. Since she returned to the country, 21 killing attempts were made against her. Each time she dodged her death and never gave up. Rather she more sturdily said, ‘I don’t care if I die, I want to do something for my country.’ 

Not just the political experts but also the common people may wonder, how can she still think about doing something for her country and its people. How come she works day and night for the development of the country. It is because her name is Sheikh Hasina and she is the daughter of Bangabandhu. 

She has been working to fulfill the unfinished dreams of her father. She has gone far in building the foundation of a digital Bangladesh. 

However, we get frustrated with the activities of the party leaders and workers. In the name of expressing grief for Bangabandhu, the party leaders, MPs and others busy in promoting themselves. On the banners, festoons and even on the packets of biriyani, they show off their smiling faces along with Bangabandhu. They are so concerned about promoting themselves to get a position in the party. There is no guarantee that they never will expose themselves as Khondaker Mostaq to Sheikh Hasina. 

How much ideal of Bangabandhu do they reflect in themselves?  How much time do they spend to spread the endowment, labor, sacrifice, political wisdom and contribution to free the nation of Bangabandhu among the people of the country? Above all, how much the ideal of Bangabandhu do the ‘leaders’ reflect in themselves? And if they do not carry the ideals of Bangabandhu, do they have the right to express grief for Bangabandhu in posters and festoons in such a manner? 

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