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In which direction movement for safe road heading?

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Published on : 05 August 2018, 10:00 PM
In which direction movement for safe road heading?

Eventually the capital Dhaka has become the city of rumor. Now we cannot believe anything initially. Death news or rape news is being disseminated even after no such incident happened. At first, many people believed in the news, but after a while they found out that the story was false. A group is trying to spread them in a planned way.

Many people are dreaming to turn this movement into a movement to collapse the government. Many such conspirators have already been caught. But it is being speculated that this efforts are still going on. It is needless to say the movement is no longer in possession to the general students. This necessary movement of safe road has taken the form of cheap effort of making political benefit. A political mafia has become reckless to take this spontaneous student movement to a devastating way. Efforts are still being made to achieve political benefits through the students.

The students of different schools and colleges completed the task in a small time that the traffic police and the communication administration failed to complete in the 47-year history of Bangladesh after independence. We saw all the buses, trucks, private cars, motorcycles, rickshaws are maintaining proper row in the roads. They have arranged an emergency lane for ambulance or emergency services vehicles. Because of this, these vehicles can operate smoothly. Students have been introduced in the role of traffic police. A student has set a unique example in the history of Bangladesh by checking the license of her father`s car. Their movement really gave hope to the common people. They have very efficiently managed traffic. They showed everyone how to move on to claim a fair demand.

Through the social networking site, many of their video, pictures and placards slogans went viral. For example slogans like, "We want justice", "If you are afraid you are finished, if you protest, you are Bangladesh," "do you have license" got immense popularity. Pictures like fixing the line of rickshaws, cleaning the glass from roads and making the road clear for patients got worldwide popularity. Due to not having the license, many ministers were seen getting down from their car.

They showed everyone our traffic system has errors, irregularities and corruption. Because of this, the police praised this movement. Parents have also shown collaborative attitude with the students` movement. Where there was a complaint that the parents of the metropolitan city of Dhaka are coward and they prevented their children from making proper demands. Many media stars declared their solidarity with the movement. The central administration of the police ordered them to behave kindly. Apart from little isolated incidents, government and responsible institutions show flexibility with protesting students.

But over time, this movement has got different form. Political interest have infiltrated into the movement. And this incident has already made this historic movement controversial. Although they continue their movement peacefully, still it is a threat to peace and order and natural environment of the country. Because when the Secretary-bureaucracy, police, army, who are in charge of law and order are being exposed by the students for their irregularities; they feel helplessness as well as humiliation. This has broken the morale of the law enforcers. And this is a threat to our national security. There is no alternative to all people including the government to be responsible for breaking this stalemate.

Now it is time to solve this situation and take the student back to their educational institutions. However, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has already given the savings certificate of Tk 20 lac to the deceased students Mim and Rajiv`s families. Besides, citing the Prime Minister the Home Minister made announcement accepting the 9-point demands of the protesting students.

With the fulfillment of the demand, if the Prime Minister removed the Shipping Minister from the cabinet or ordered him to resign from the transport organization, then the reckless driving or the daring attitude of drivers could be stopped. But there is crisis of faith and trust. So the government should resolve their problems quickly to gain their trust. Otherwise, the situation will gradually get deteriorated. We have already noticed, the unauthorized transport strike is going on showing the excuse of transport workers safety. These unwanted activities put the passengers in huge trouble. In this situation the opportunist will try to derive their interest which will not bring something good for anyone.

We do not want to let this movement come unstuck because of the infiltration of evil energy.