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Invincible Sheikh Hasina

Syed Borhan Kabir  
Published on : 12 April 2018, 10:00 PM
Invincible Sheikh Hasina

The decision taken by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to cancel the whole quota system is bold, prudent, risky and visionary. Any other politician would have thought ten times before making such a declaration and many would have been in dilemma over the analysis of ‘but’ and ‘if’. But Sheikh Hasina has told the nation clearly what she thought and decided. Winston Churchill remarked that the common people see the normal scene of the incident; the intellectuals observe the consequence and the politicians create the incident. The real reflection of this statement by Churchill, who got defeated in the British election after World War II, was last seen on April 11, 2018.

It is said about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, she speaks straight, and she does not talk diplomatically. She terms the black as black, the white as white. This was the main criticism against her at different times both at home and outside. And with the passage of time, this has turned out to become her biggest asset. All the voters of Bangladesh know that she is straight and she says what she believes. This is why people believe Sheikh Hasina. And people do not see her like ten other politicians. And this is the reason all the protesters seek her promise when they stage any demonstration or movement.

They do not have confidence in anyone else. Because the ministers forget in the evening what they said in the morning. What Sheikh Hasina says, does that. This is a great achievement of politicians. This time, the protesters of the quota reform movement also wanted the statement of the Prime Minister.

There were many risks behind announcing this decision. There were possibilities of many reactions against such an announcement. Students could have rejected the decision to cancel the whole quota. They would have showed their logic saying that they did not want to cancel the quota, rather they wanted a reform. As a result of this decision, the children of the freedom fighters, the backward population and the small ethnic groups could have started a separate movement.

Considering all these risks, I do not know if such a decision could be taken by any other leader other than Sheikh Hasina. Sheikh Hasina accepted the risk. Sheikh Hasina accepted the risk because she can read the hearts of the people and she also understands the heartbeat of the people. That`s why she has the courage to take the risk. General politicians think about how people think, and the prudent politicians know what people think. Sheikh Hasina takes the decision going beyond the personal interest. Rather she takes the decisions considering the interests of the people and thinking about the people. Therefore, what is difficult for other leaders is easy for Sheikh Hasina. Had the Prime Minister thought, if the quota was canceled, what would happen to the students of her party, what effect would it have in the upcoming election—she would not have been able to make this decision. She thought that quota debate needs to have a formal termination.

And before this debate ends, this method needs to be ended. There would be new discussion over the issue of the women, the backward population and the children of the freedom fighters. Everyone will sit together and a new set of principles will be adopted based on the consensus of all. Everyone including the job seekers will have their say about the quota cancellation and other relevant issues. Every decision will be taken based unanimously. And the Prime Minister has opened the gate to end this long debate.  

Once again, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has proved that she is the only leader in Bangladesh. She is invincible.

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